Our Farm

From seed to harvest, each of our allotted plants thrive in specially designed and constructed grow pods that control and maintain exact levels of light, air, humidity, CO2 gas and temperature. The sealed grow pods also act as a barrier to insect or environmental contamination. All of its internal components are disassembled between grow cycles and completely disinfected.

We maintain strict hygiene protocol in our medical cannabis production facility. Our plant workers put on clean scrubs at the start of every shift and never wear street clothes in or around the grow pods. Ungloved hands never touch flowering plants and all material is processed in a clean and sanitary environment to ensure the purity and integrity of all of our products.

The quality of our medical cannabis rivals that of any you will find in the United States or across the world. We are so confident you will love our medications that we offer an exclusive money back guarantee on every purchase.


If you are a Licensed Non Profit Producer in the State of New Mexico who is interested in wholesale opportunities with Medzen Services Inc., please email us at MedzenWholesale@medzen.info.


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