At Medzen we take a scientific approach to the art of making concentrates and derivatives. Our dedicated laboratory provides us with a safe, controlled environment that is clean, sterile and equipped with all of the latest technology and equipment needed to produce some of the finest medical cannabis concentrates and derivatives in New Mexico and beyond.

P.E.D. stands for Protocol and Empirical Data. It’s the cornerstone of the processes we have developed to ensure all of our products are safe, consistent and of the highest quality. We have logged gigabytes of information along all steps of the process to build an impressive database of information that guides us in our manufacturing processes.

Our technicians are trained in the ancient art of distillation and apply modern technology in the practice of producing essential oils and BHO waxes. We produce more glycerin and whole plant extract cartridges than any other producer in the State, because we believe patients want a healthier alternative to smoking. And judging by the response form early sales, patients agree too!


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