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Thursday, April 17th, 2014.

Medicinal Oil (similar to the Phoenix Tears) available in different sizes.

Pre- Rolls
1 for $10 OR 2 for $18
-Blue Dream
-OG Kush

We also have some Medzen T Shirts available! Only $10 sizes available are Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X-Large. HURRY AND GET YOURS WHILE THEY LAST.

New patients will get a free gram of their choice, with a purchase.

Like us on Facebook and receive 5% off your next order. (One time value)Tell your Patient Consultant so that it can be applied.

Last but not least, refer a patient and receive a 10% off certificate...(ask for details)

Please Patients, we cannot have children in the office, so if you could, avoid this conflict! Your driver can come in with you or your registered Caregiver, but that should be it. Thank You.
If you have any questions you can reach us here at the office at (505)891-1881
Office Location- 10660 Unser Blvd NW Suite H, Albuquerque, NM.

Today's Menu


$15/ A.T.F.(Sativa), Blue Goo(Hybrid Sativa), Bubble Jack(Hybrid Sativa), Hindu Kush(Indica), Grape God(Hybrid Indica), Traiwreck(Hybrid Sativa), E.S.D.(Hybrid Sativa).
$14/ OG Kush(Hybrid Sativa),Purple Kush(Hybrid Indica), Razzleberry(Hybrid Indica), AK-47(CBD) Hybrid Sativa), Panama Red(Sativa).
$13/ Critical(Indica(CBD)
$12/ Kahuna Shark(Sativa), Big Bang(Indica), Mazar(Indica/RBG).


No Edibles.

$7.00/ Canna Lotion
$13.50 Canna Salve

If You Ingest Cannabis

Food based cannabis affects patients differently than inhaled methods of medicating with cannabis. Eating too much cannabis can cause extreme drowsiness, dizziness, inability to concentrate, diminished ability to focus, rapid heartbeat, increases or decreases in blood pressure, need for sleep, and feelings of euphoria.

Learn to manage your dosage effectively...

  1. Begin with 1/4 of a "dose" or small portion of product
  2. Wait for at least one hour and analyze the effects
  3. If necessary, consume another 1/4 dose or small portion
  4. Wait for at least one hour more
  5. If necessary, consume part or all of the remaining product

Ensure that your dosage level is appropriate before attempting to operate heavy machinery, motor vehicles, boats,or motorcycles. Do be aware of your surroundings and possible hazards and prepare for your needs before taking medication.
REMEMBER: Edibles can vary greatly in potency. Products often contain multiple doses or lesser doses of medicine. Weight, metabolism, and eating habits can alter dosage effects. Taking medication on an empty stomach can intensify medicinal effects. Learn the dosage management that works for you when ingesting cannabis.

If you feel you have eaten too much of a food-based medicine, do not panic. Your symptoms will subside within a few hours. Remain calm.Stay hydrated and eat food to help symptoms pass. Edible cannabis is safe and will not cause any long-term toxicity.